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5 x BELVITA Wholegrain Healthy Breakfast Energy Biscuits Chocolate Cookies 300g

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Natural flavor with other natural flavor belVita Bites Chocolate Breakfast Biscuits offer a convenient way for you to get your four hours of nutritious, steady energy on the go.

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elVita Breakfast Chocolate are biscuits made with wholegrains. Specially designed for breakfast and perfect with your morning coffee.

5 Wholegrains, gently baked.

These biscuits were first marketed in Europe. After gaining popularity, the company launched them in the United States in 2012. Belvita was also marketed in Indonesia as milk biscuits to replace the previous Hony Bran Brand. Both Kraft Foods and Nabisco worked together to make these biscuits a sensation in Asia as well. After discontinuing the product line in 2009, Belvita was again launched locally in 2016 as cereal biscuits.

In 2012, Belvita breakfast biscuits witnessed astounding success as it achieved its highest growth in sales. After this, Mondelēz recalled the two Belvita varieties in the United States, where they have been selling successfully ever since. 

belVita breakfast biscuits are a convenient way to include quality wholegrains as part of a delicious breakfast for when you have a lot on your plate.

Baked together through our gentle baking process, these specially selected grains are transformed to become tasty breakfast biscuits.

belVita breakfast biscuits are specially designed to give you a wholesome start to the day as part of a balanced breakfast.

– Rich in Cereals.

– Source of Fibre.

– Made with 5 wholegrains.

– No added Colours or Preservatives.

Ready to go in convenient portion packs.

To get your day off to a good start, try a tasty breakfast with belVita.

An absolutely delicious yet balanced breakfast contains:

4 belVita breakfast biscuits (for quality carbohydrates).

– A plain low-fat dairy product (for your Calcium intake).

– A fruit (for vitamins).

– A tea or a coffee (for your hydration).

It will provide you 20%-25% of your daily energy intake.

The Belvita biscuits are made by combining five different types of whole grains. These grain-based biscuits come in chocolate flavor and make for an excellent breakfast treat. Belvita chocolate flavor is good for breakfast because it contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. Order the six-packs of four biscuits today and start your day with a nutritious diet. Order these breakfast cookies now!


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