Return policy:

All sales are final on inVastor platforms, however exceptions can be made in accordance with our Buyer Protection Guarantee.

All seller’s on our platforms should provide return options for the items they are selling. This should be upheld unless the item being sold is specified as non returnable.

A buyer can request a return within 3 days of confirmed delivery if one or more of the following apply:

  • The item is not as it was described in the listing.
  • The item is potentially counterfeit
  • The item is Prohibited/Illegal
  • The item is damaged
  • The item is defective
  • The wrong item was received

If you’re requesting a return, please do not submit a Rating, as this will complete the transaction and void your return request.

Except in cases where the seller and buyer have come to an agreement, an item cannot be returned because it doesn’t fit or has an odor if it was otherwise accurately described in the listing.

If the return is approved, the seller will provide the buyer with a prepaid and addressed shipping label to return the item to the seller or another return method. See return options on the seller’s return policy for method of return or contact seller to advise on return.

The buyer will be refunded the original amount of payment once the tracking confirms the item is “Delivered” to the seller.

  • We will refund the buyer once tracking confirms that the item has been delivered.

To avoid excessive returns, we advise all sellers be as detailed as possible when creating listings. When buying, please carefully review the listing description, item photos, and seller Rating; and ask the seller any questions you may have about the item prior to purchase.

If the buyer is not in good standing with inVastor, a return request may be denied.