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Shipping and Delivery:

Shipping and Delivery:

How does local inVastor delivery work?

At time of listing, the seller decides who pays for delivery:

  • Who pays for delivery (either the buyer or seller)
  • Whoever pays for delivery has an option to change the cost of the delivery. The cost that is calculated is the recommended cost, but it can be edited to a different price. Higher prices might guarantee faster offers from drivers to do the job, lower prices might not have as fast of offers from drivers.
  • Once a delivery job is made it will show up in the Job’s section of the application. Driver’s will begin requesting to deliver the item(s) to you and you have the option to choose a Driver. Once you choose the Driver they will begin the process of picking up your item and eventually delivering it.
  • Tracking is available and you can monitor the progress of your delivery. You may also use the chat function to give the Driver further instructions or further information about the delivery.
  • The Driver is only paid once the item is delivered and after you have given them a review.

How does shipping work?

At time of listing, the seller decides who pays for shipping:

  • Who pays for shipping (either the buyer or seller)
  • Which carrier to use (USPS, UPS or FedEx)
  • Seller’s need to get their own labels and upload the tracking information for the buyer to follow

If they select for the buyer to pay, the cost of shipping will be added to the purchase price.

If the seller will pay for shipping, the listing should appear as free shipping.

Why do I need a tracking number ?

To avoid items being lost in transit, we ask that all sellers ship using a valid tracking number. A valid tracking number is always required to complete the transaction. The Seller will not be paid until the 3 days after the Buyer receives the item.

Note: If you ship without a valid tracking number, your transaction is subject to cancellation. Even if the item has been sent out.

Shipping tips and Delivery tips

Get organized

  • Have packing supplies ready; items should ship within 3 business days of purchase.
  • If an item is being delivered the same day, ensure that the item is packaged and ready for the scheduled pickup time.
  • Shipping/Delivering to multiple buyers? Be careful about matching items to the correct name and address
    • Place printed shipping labels with the item to keep track of this prior to packing, or use different colored poly mailers
    • inVastor isn't responsible for item mix ups.
  • Each package must have its own label even if it’s being shipped to the same address.

Pack it up

  • We put together our Packing Guidelines to help you get your items to their next home safely. We offer $100 Shipping Protection.
  • Ensure you selected the right shipping label weight class for the item. Shipping weight includes item weight, packaging, and wrapping. To determine the correct label weight: length x width x height = total volume / 139 average shipping divisor.
  • If the item is being picked up for delivery, the size of the item should have been determined while creating the listing. Package according to the size selected. Ensure that it is packed well and is firm especially if the item is fragile.
  • If the label is for USPS Priority Mail, you can use the free Priority Mail boxes available at your local post office
    • Don't confuse them with USPS Priority Express boxes — they're different!
    • Also, if you selected shipping weight 0.25 lb, 0.5 lb or 0.0-1.0 lb, this is for USPS First Class Package Service. You’ll need to use your own boxes for this option. The Post Office will charge a penalty fee for using a Priority Mail box with a First Class label.
    • Additional shipping fees will be charged accordingly.
  • Consider including a thank you note for the buyer — personal touches can turn a one-time sale into a repeat customer.
  • *** If you're reusing a shipping box, remove old labels like "hazardous chemicals" to avoid service disruptions and/or fines from FedEx or USPS
    • If fines are applied, it's your responsibility to pay them.

Send it off

  • Local inVastor Delivery:
    • When the item is ready for pick up(in a paper bag or box), an inVastor driver will come by and pick it up. Before they pick it up the item, ask them who they are delivering the item to. After verifying that it is the Driver, the Driver should take pictures of the package to verify the pick up and condition the item was picked up in. Then they’ll be off to deliver the item.
  • USPS options:
    • Take the package to a US Post Office or leave it in a USPS drop box
    • Contact USPS to arrange a pickup at your home
  • FedEx options:
    • Take the package to a FedEx, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter, or FedEx OnSite location (like Staples)
      • You’re responsible for any additional shipping fees incurred for dropping off the package at USPS, including fees for overweight and/or oversized packaging. We cannot return the item back to you if there is something wrong with it.

Packaging guidelines

Awesome Job! You’ve sold something. We put together some Packing Guidelines to help you get your items shipped/delivered safely. Because we’re using a third party carrier like USPS, UPS and FedEx, you will also need to adhere to their shipping and packing guidelines.

It starts with an assessment of product specifics such as length, width, weight — this prevents damage.

What are you sending?

  • Is the item fragile? Or could it be bent while in transit?

Pick the right package

  • For items that aren’t fragile or that might possibly bend while in transit, you can use an envelope, poly mailer or softpak. This is great for items like clothing or smaller items.
  • For all other items, use the smallest box possible.
  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes for fragile items like electronics or dishware.

How to pack

  • Select the right box size.
  • Make sure the cardboard is sturdy enough to protect your item while in transit.
  • Individually wrap each item.
  • Fill in all empty areas (top, bottom and sides) so it doesn’t move. Test this by shaking the box before sealing it.

Ship the item and inform your Buyer

  • Drop the package off at the correct carrier facility and inform your buyer that you have shipped it.

Non-fragile products can be shipped using an envelope, poly mailer, or a softpak.

  • Your items will not be damaged if bent or if another item is on top of it.
  • If you’re selling a collectible item where the original container is considered valuable, please use the fragile packing guidelines.

Fragile products need protection from shifting around during transportation.

Here's how you can pack fragile items: