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CORNY BIG Chocolate & Banana Healthy Breakfast Cereal Bars Box 24 x 50g 1.8 oz

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Corny Big with a taste of banana and chocolate is a mix of whole cereal flakes, milk chocolate and pieces of dried banana in sugar syrup. Caloric content of this is 438 kcal per 100 g.

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Each of the tastes is unique in its own way, therefore, in order to evaluate objectively the assortment of products, it is necessary to try everything.

  • Coconut chocolate is a bar with a delicate milky-coconut flavor combined with whole grains. The nutritional value of this product is 461 kcal per 100 g.
  • A bar with milk chocolate taste contains whole grains inside and has a delicate milk chocolate taste. The calorie content of this dessert is 448 kcal.
  • A bar of cereals and hazelnuts is the best source of energy for the whole working day. As part of one such product contains at least 10% of delicious and healthy hazelnuts.

  • Corny Big with peanuts and chocolate except for the traditional cereal mixture contains almost 50% of peanuts and chocolate. Caloric content of this "energy mix" is 482 kcal per 100 g.
  • The Corny bar is a combination of whole grains, hazelnuts, raisins and chocolate in one product. This super useful dessert has a caloric content of 418 kcal per 100 g.

Large bars, which are sold in individual packages weighing 50 g each, are represented by a variety of fruit-nut-chocolate flavors. They differ in composition and have different calories. Let's take a closer look at each taste of this Corny line.

Many of us have a strong conviction that muesli is not tasty. And, perhaps, it really was, if not for Corny - bars with cereals that turned the notion of tasty and healthy desserts. They miraculously combined the benefits and pleasure. And everyone who still doubts this, there is one thing - to try the muesli bars with different tastes.


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