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4 x MILKA CHOC & CHOC Fluffy Chocolate Biscuits with Cocoa Filling 150g 5.3oz

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Discover its cacaote melting heart with Milka chocolate chips between two mellow genoises, all coated with tender Milka chocolate with good milk from the Alpine Country.

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Ships From: Brockton, Massachusetts, United States

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Milka is here in Canada! Milka Chocolate is one of the most famous and most beloved chocolate brands in the world. The brand is often recognized by the purple coloured packaging and the famous ‘Milka Cow’. A brand with a 100+ year history which is almost exclusive to European countries, Milka produces the highest quality of chocolate bars, biscuits and cookies. Maple Mart is proud to bring a wide range of Milka Chocolate products to Canada for Canadians to enjoy the nostalgic taste of Milka.

Milk chocolate is a solid chocolate confectionery containing cocoa, sugar and milk. It is the most consumed type of chocolate. Chocolate was originally sold and consumed as a beverage in pre-Columbian times, and upon its introduction to Western Europe

Major milk chocolate producers include FerreroHersheyMondelezMars and Nestlé. Between them, they are responsible for over half of the chocolate sold worldwide. Although four-fifths of all milk chocolate is sold in the United States and Europe, increasingly large amounts are consumed in China and Latin America.

Milk chocolate is manufactured from cocoa, milk and sugar. The ingredient which defines the product as chocolate, cocoa bean, is mainly grown in Southeast Asia, South America, and West Africa, particularly the Ivory Coast, which supplies 40 percent of the total global cocoa market.[56] Once the cocoa pods are harvested, the seeds, known as "beans", are removed and fermented, then dried. They are then taken to a processing plant where they are cleaned and roasted.[57] The beans are then ground, usually in a two-stage process, first with an impact mill to liquify the cocoa, and then a ball mill. Milk chocolate usually contains a much larger proportion of cocoa butter than the one that is naturally present in cocoa liquor; unlike dark chocolate, a large part of non-fat cocoa solids is going to be replaced by milk solids.


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