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Turtle Beach Atom Mobile Game Controller for Android - Black/Teal

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Sold By: Tech Space

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Product Description

The Turtle Beach Atom Mobile Game Controller is built for immersive cloud gaming on Android 8.0+ smartphones with Bluetooth. The Atom magnetically fuses together to conveniently fit in your pocket or in the included carrying pouch, and splits apart into two separate modules that connect via 2.4GHz wireless connection when itโ€™s time to play. A low latency Bluetooth connection to your Android smartphone ensures reliable, lag-free connection when cloud gaming on Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now, Stadia, Steam Link, and more. Keep your phone right in its case thanks to the Atomโ€™s versatile, two-piece design, and adjustable, spring-loaded smartphone clamps that accommodate every size of Android smartphone on the market. Console style controls bring the familiar, console feel into your mobile games, and the ergonomic handle shape keeps your hands relaxed and comfortable for hours of gameplay. Stay in the cloud longer with a reliable 20-hour battery life, and when itโ€™s time to charge, keep your downtime to a minimum with just a 2.5-hour quick charge to get back to 100%. Configure additional features, discover new games to play, and update firmware by downloading the Atom companion app from the Play Store.

Compact & Comfortable

The Atom magnetically fuses into a convenient, compact shape to fit in your pocket, or in the included carrying bag. Plus, an ergonomic handle shape and console-style controls provide a familiar console experience to mobile.

Low Latency Bluetooth Connection

The Atom connects to your Android device via Bluetooth connection and is formed from two independent modules that are connected via proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless link.

Built For Cloud Gaming

Take the console experience on-the-go and play familiar mobile games on the cloud using Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now, Stadia, Steam Link, and more.

Console Level Controls

Atom is equipped with all the familiar controls youโ€™re used to on an Xbox controller. Full-size thumb-sticks, d-pad, bumpers, triggers and ABXY buttons give precise responsive controls on any cloud streaming title.

Adjustable Phone Clamps

Integrated phone clamps snugly fit most Android smartphones while in their cases. An ingenious two-piece design works with phones between 67-92mm in width, and a depth range of 6-10.5mm.

More Gaming, Less Charging

Each controller module is powered by its own battery cell, giving you 20-hours of total battery life on a single charge. When it is time to charge, the Atom quickly recharges in just 2.5 hours using the supplied USB-C cable.

Ergonomic Design

A comfortable shape with familiar console controls keep your hands comfortable over long gaming sessions.

Atom Companion App

Download the Atom Controller companion app from the Play Store to configure additional features, discover new games to play, and update firmware.

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