OttLite Wireless Charging Clock w/USB in Black

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Whether this is for your home office, desk, kitchen or bedside the Ottlite Clock w/Organizer and Wireless Charging will certainly fit almost need you need. Our spacious compartments will fit your writing instruments, rulers and scissors but also great for putting your glasses away when you're getting ready for bed. Just set the alarm and drift off to sleep but we all know that you will hit the snooze button once maybe twice you can do both with this clock. Tired of straining your eyes to see the clock across the room not with ours it has a large LCD screen that will also display the day of the week. So after you have set the alarm, put your glasses away simply place your phone on the wireless charging pad. No wires are needed (forphones compatible of course) | OttLite Wireless Charging Clock w/USB in Black

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