La Crosse Soluna Mood Light Alarm Clock

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Soluna Light Alarm Clock What's Your Glow? The Soluna Light Alarm Clock from La Crosse Technology features 5 light modes with 20 unique color options, ensuring there's a glow for every day and mood. Illuminate your bedroom with your favorite solid color, a vibrant color gradient, or cycle through all of the color options at the touch of a button. Use the Comfort Meter Mode to help achieve an ideal sleeping environment, and the Guided Breathing Mode to help you unwind and relax. Soluna also offers Morning & Evening Modes, which simulate the rise and fall of the sun to help you reset your natural circadian rhythm and wake up feeling recharged. Features: Color-Changing Glow Light 5 Light Modes, 20 Color Options Indoor Temperature & Humidity Calendar with Full Day of the Week Display 1 Amp USB Charging Port

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