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How To Create a Blog Post On InVastor

7 months ago

Growing Your business is easy with content creation on InVastor.

Login to or Register to start posting

At the top of the page, Click where it says Ai Content Generator

Write a topic on anything you want to post about and then click post. Your Blog will be generated

If you are unsure of what to write, type into the Blog Ideas input bogs and the click Blog Ideas to get 5 ideas generated.

You can save each of the 5 prompts generated and later find them on "My Saves" page.

You can create a blog from "My Saves" page, by clicking on any prompt.

You can always Edit any post you create from Your Page or from the Blog Post Page by simply clicking on the 3 dots and selecting Edit.

How to Create a Regular Blog Post!

  1. Go to Create a Blog page
  2. Create your Title
  3. Select category
  4. Create a cover photo
  5. Add your content
  6. Post

Or you can use Tell Your Story. Add Cover Photo and Description. Edit after posting.

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