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List of presidents of Argentina since 1700 until 1800

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  1. Juan Manuel de Rosas (1829-1832, 1835-1852) - Rosas was a powerful political and military leader who served as the Governor of Buenos Aires Province and later as the Supreme Director of the Argentine Confederation. He exercised authoritarian rule during his time in power.
  2. Justo José de Urquiza (1852-1854) - Urquiza was a general and politician who played a crucial role in overthrowing Rosas. He became the first President of the Argentine Confederation after Rosas' fall.
  3. Santiago Derqui (1860-1861) - Derqui was a lawyer and politician who served as the President of Argentina during a turbulent period marked by political instability and conflicts between different factions.
  4. Bartolomé Mitre (1862-1868) - Mitre was a military general, statesman, and writer who became the first president of the modern Argentine Republic. He played a significant role in consolidating the country's political institutions.
  5. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1868-1874) - Sarmiento was an educator, writer, and statesman who implemented numerous reforms during his presidency, particularly in the areas of education and culture.
  6. Nicolás Avellaneda (1874-1880) - Avellaneda was a lawyer and politician who focused on promoting economic development and modernizing Argentina's infrastructure during his presidency.
  7. Julio Argentino Roca (1880-1886, 1898-1904) - Roca was a military general and politician who served as president during two non-consecutive terms. He played a key role in expanding Argentina's territory and consolidating its control over Patagonia.
Please note that the list provided above covers the period from the early 19th century until the early 20th century. There were no presidents of Argentina between 1700 and 1800 as the country did not yet exist in its current form during that time.

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