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Love is a superstition about the right time and place. It turns out that you are here too...(-epigraph) Lin che got up from the bed in a daze.her mind was os cloudy that she did not quite feel like herself

a year ago
The epigraph suggests that love is often perceived as a matter of timing and circumstance. It implies that love is a superstition, a belief that is not necessarily based on reason or evidence, but rather on a sense of fate or destiny. The phrase "the right time and place" suggests that love is something that can only happen under certain conditions, and that these conditions are beyond our control. Lin Che's dazed state reflects the confusion and uncertainty that often accompanies the experience of love. She may be questioning whether her feelings are genuine or simply a result of the circumstances in which she finds herself. Her lack of clarity may also be a reflection of the unpredictability of love, which can come at unexpected times and in unexpected ways. The epigraph and Lin Che's experience suggest that love is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that cannot be easily explained or understood. It may be influenced by factors such as timing, circumstance, and fate, but ultimately it is a deeply personal and subjective experience that is unique to each individual.

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