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Rift Valley MPs Assert their Right to Meet Kenyans Despite Opposition from DP Gachagua

a month ago

Rift Valley MPs Assert their Right to Meet Kenyans Despite Opposition from DP Gachagua

Rift Valley politicians challenge Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's attempts to hinder their engagement with Kenyan citizens

Kenya News /

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua finds himself embroiled in a power struggle with Rift Valley politicians and influential figures who are perceived to be working against his interests. This clash has exposed a growing divide within President William Ruto's Kenya Kwanza coalition and has become a topic of intense debate in Kenyan politics. In response to Gachagua's attempts to restrict their movements and political engagements, a group of Rift Valley MPs led by Bomet Senator Hilary Sigei has firmly asserted their right to meet Kenyans, sell government policies, and address their concerns.

Section 1: The Rift Valley MPs' Stand The Rift Valley MPs, including Senator Hilary Sigei, Mogotio MP Reuben Kiborek, Francis Sigei (Sotik), and Japeth Nyakundi (Kitutu Chache), along with Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Public Works Kipchumba Murkomen, have vehemently defended their actions. They argue that as elected leaders, it is their duty to travel across the country, engage with citizens, and work towards resolving their problems. They emphasize the importance of interacting with Kenyans directly to gain a deeper understanding of the realities on the ground. Section 2: Unity and Cooperation among Leaders The Rift Valley MPs stress the need for unity and cooperation among leaders from all regions of Kenya. They advocate for a collaborative approach that supports President Ruto's development agenda and fosters nationwide socio-economic and political progress. They urge their senior colleagues to guide and mentor the younger generation of leaders without stifling their ambitions or isolating them. The MPs assert that the era of divisive politics characterized by tribalism and nepotism should be left behind, and leaders should focus on uniting the people.

"There are people who have problems with us (Cabinet secretaries) when we tour the country and fellowship with Kenyans over the weekend, yet it is the opportunity for us in the Executive arm of government to come face to face with the realities on the ground."

Kipchumba Murkomen, Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Public Works
Section 3: Rift Valley Leaders Reject Political Tourism Accusations The Rift Valley MPs dismiss accusations of political tourism leveled against them. They draw a parallel with Deputy President Ruto, who extensively toured the country during the election campaign period and was labeled a 'Tanga Tanga' Deputy President. The MPs argue that engaging with Kenyans in different regions and promoting UDA policies is essential for building relationships and initiating development projects nationwide. They emphasize that restricting their movements or confining them to their respective constituencies is outdated and counterproductive. Section 4: Rift Valley MPs Call for Support and Guidance The younger generation of leaders represented by the Rift Valley MPs appeal to their senior counterparts for support and guidance. They acknowledge the different approaches to politics between the older and younger generations but emphasize the importance of nurturing young leaders without undermining them. The MPs urge their seniors to provide the same support they received when they were starting their political careers and to allow them the freedom to make friends and initiate development projects across the country.

The clash between Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Rift Valley politicians highlights the growing tensions within President William Ruto's Kenya Kwanza coalition. The Rift Valley MPs, led by Senator Hilary Sigei, have firmly asserted their right to meet Kenyans, sell government policies, and engage in socio-economic and political development across the country. They advocate for unity, cooperation, and a departure from divisive politics, emphasizing the need to focus on the people's interests. As this power struggle unfolds, it will undoubtedly shape the future of Kenyan politics and the coalition's stability.

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