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Soaring to Success: Insights and Inspirations from George Wachiuri, A Kenyan Entrepreneur Changing The World

2 months ago

George Wachiuri: An Overview

George Wachiuri is a prominent Kenyan entrepreneur, author, and the founder and CEO of Optiven Limited, a leading real estate company in Kenya. His inspiring journey from humble beginnings to corporate success has been detailed in his books, which offer valuable insights and lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. Below are summaries of his notable works, which are available for purchase on Amazon.

1. Soaring Like An Eagle

Paperback – February 14, 2023

In "Soaring Like An Eagle," George Wachiuri narrates his journey from a life of poverty and hopelessness in Laburra, Nyeri County, to becoming a respected leader in corporate Kenya. The memoir reveals the challenges and obstacles he faced and overcame, breaking free from limitations that threatened to keep him dreaming small. George shares his personal and professional milestones, including his academic achievements (a BCom, MBA, and CPA (K) from the University of Nairobi) and his rise to prominence in the real estate sector. He also highlights his encounters with influential figures, including presidents and Africa's wealthiest individuals, and expresses his ambition to join the Forbes List of the world's wealthiest men. This book is an inspiring read for anyone looking to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

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2. Unleash Your Full Potential

Paperback – February 14, 2023

In "Unleash Your Full Potential," George Wachiuri shares the critical lessons he has learned on his way to becoming a successful CEO of Optiven Limited. This book serves as a practical guide for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, covering essential topics such as starting a business, vision setting, marketing, leveraging social media for business, motivation, innovation, strategic planning, and governance. George's unselfish sharing of his knowledge and experience aims to empower readers to unlock their full potential and achieve their business goals. Each chapter is filled with actionable insights that can help readers navigate the challenges of the business world and make informed decisions for growth and success.

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3. After The Plunge

Paperback – February 11, 2023

"After The Plunge" delves into the trials and tribulations George Wachiuri faced while steering Optiven Limited through a severe crisis. The book recounts a harrowing episode where the company fell victim to a complex scam orchestrated by a deceitful individual posing as a trustworthy partner. George provides a detailed account of the strategic measures he took to rescue Optiven from the brink of collapse after losing millions to the scam. He discusses the impact of the scandal, including legal battles, reputational damage, and the stress and depression that ensued. Despite the adversities, George's resilience and leadership helped him navigate through the crisis and emerge stronger. This book is a testament to his tenacity and a valuable resource for understanding crisis management and recovery in the business world.

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George Wachiuri's books offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone seeking to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. His personal stories and professional insights make his works not only informative but also deeply motivating. Each book provides practical advice and lessons that can help readers on their path to success.


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