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Best Pitches From Seasons 11 | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

2 months ago

Pitch Presentation and Product Overview

  • Sarah and Sayed introduce their eco-friendly cleaning product company Blue Land, emphasizing the waste reduction from traditional cleaning products by turning a tablet into various cleaning solutions.
  • They highlight the convenience of their product, where customers only need to drop a tablet into a bottle of water to create the cleaning solution.

Pitch for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

  • The company's mission focuses on reducing plastic waste, aiming to eliminate about 5 billion plastic cleaning bottles annually through their sustainable approach.
  • Sarah and Sayed present their eco-friendly cleaning brand, Blue Land, aiming to reduce plastic waste by providing concentrated cleaning products in tablet form to be mixed with water.
"We have turned this into this so now your pantry can look like this."

Product Details and Pricing

  • They highlight the environmental benefits of their products and their aim to eliminate billions of plastic cleaning bottles annually.
"We can eliminate approximately 5 billion plastic cleaning bottles each year, so sharks, let's save money and space without the plastic waste."

Product Range and Pricing Details

  • Blue Land offers various products including foaming hand soap, cleaning sprays for different surfaces, and a refillable forever bottle.
  • The starter set with one bottle and one tablet costs $12, while the Essentials kit with one hand soap and three cleaning sprays retails for $39.
  • Refills are priced at $2 per tablet, which is more cost-effective than buying a new plastic bottle of cleaner.
"One tablet costs just two dollars, which is unequivocally cheaper than going out and buying a full new plastic bottle of cleaner."

Background and Experience of Founders

  • Blue Land offers a range of products including foaming hand soap, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and glass cleaner, emphasizing the effectiveness and affordability of their eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Sarah studied economics at Harvard, worked in private equity, and had a successful mobile shopping app startup.
  • The starter set costs $12, the Essentials kit with one hand soap and three cleaning sprays is priced at $39, and refills are available at just $2 per tablet, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for consumers.
  • Sayed, originally from Pakistan, has a chemistry degree, worked in a leading non-toxic cleaning company, and is focused on sustainability.
"One tablet costs just two dollars, which is unequivocally cheaper than going out and buying a full new plastic bottle of cleaner."

Entrepreneurial Background and Value Proposition

"We are all aware of the problem with plastics, we're trying to do everything we can to not destroy our planet before it's too late."

Assessment of Product Effectiveness and Sales Performance

  • Sarah's background includes experience in economics and private equity, complemented by a previous successful startup. Sayed, born in Pakistan, has a chemistry degree and worked as a formulation director at a leading non-toxic cleaning company.
  • Blue Land has EPA-approved products shown to outperform competitors in laboratory studies.
  • The duo emphasizes their unique selling proposition, highlighting their professional expertise in formulating highly effective products, backed by EPA-approved third-party studies showcasing their products' superior performance compared to competitors.

MinusCal Pitch Overview

MinusCal Pitch Details

  • Barrett and Prime from Nashville introduce MinusCal, a science-based snack bar and diet tablet designed to block fat absorption in the body, aiming to help people lose weight and improve health.
  • The key ingredient in MinusCal, known as co-leaf, acts as a bouncer in the digestive system, preventing fat absorption and aiding weight loss.
  • MinusCal is seeking $500,000 for 20% of the business as a solution to the issue of obesity and weight management, offering snack bars and diet tablets that block fat absorption.
  • The product is presented as a natural and effective way to address weight management concerns in America, with a focus on healthier eating habits.
MinusCal is a science-based snack bar and diet tablet designed to block fat absorption, helping individuals achieve better health through weight loss.
  • The key ingredient, co-leaf, acts as a bouncer in the digestive tract, preventing fat absorption and aiding in weight loss.

Co-Leaf Ingredient Explanation

  • The product is based on a proprietary, all-natural blend derived from fermented tea, aiming to provide a healthy way to lose weight and improve overall health.
"Minuscal is a great way to lose weight and to achieve better health."
  • Prime explains that co-leaf is an all-natural ingredient derived from fermented tea, emphasizing that it is a proprietary blend that effectively blocks fat absorption.

Discussion on Science and Efficacy of MinusCal

  • The entrepreneurs explain the science behind MinusCal, emphasizing that it is an all-natural ingredient derived from green tea that boosts the potency of certain molecules to aid in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels.
  • By enhancing the potency of a particular molecule found in green tea by 20 times, MinusCal claims to lower cholesterol and facilitate weight loss.
  • Clinical trials conducted 12 years ago showed promising results in reducing cholesterol levels by 17-20% and aiding in weight loss.
  • The product's effectiveness is based on blocking fat absorption in the lower intestine, resulting in the removal of approximately 100 calories worth of fat from the body.
  • The entrepreneurs highlight that co-leaf is not a chemical but a natural component that is versatile and can be incorporated into various tasty foods.
"Our chief science officer confirmed that the evidence shows our product aids in weight loss and blocks fat, removing about 100 calories from the body."

Mark Cuban's Critique and Entrepreneurs' Defense

Co-leaf, an all-natural ingredient extracted from green tea, is the proprietary blend in MinusCal that aids in blocking fat absorption and promoting weight loss.

Product Functionality and Benefits

  • Mark Cuban expresses skepticism about the product's claimed effects on weight loss and challenges the entrepreneurs on the lack of revenue and high valuation, leading him to opt out of investing.
  • The entrepreneurs defend their product, highlighting the natural ingredients and efficacy based on scientific research, disagreeing with Mark's assessment and reiterating their commitment to aiding weight loss through fat blocking mechanisms.
  • MinusCal is positioned as a way to enjoy guilt-free eating, emphasizing that it helps block fat absorption from food, potentially aiding in weight management.

Invention of the Baby Toon

  • Cassidy Crowley invented the Baby Toon, which is a safer alternative to traditional baby spoons, aiming to prevent accidents with sharp edges.
  • The Baby Toon is a combination of a spoon and a teether, made of 100% soft silicone without sharp edges, ideal for babies.

Invention of the Baby Toon

  • The product includes a solution for babies throwing spoons - a pacifier clip to prevent the spoon from falling.
  • Cassidy Crowley, along with her mom Lori Crowley, invented the Baby Toon as a solution to prevent babies from accidentally hurting themselves with traditional spoons.
  • The Baby Toon is manufactured in the USA and was designed by Cassidy Crowley when she was just seven years old.
  • The baby spoon is designed to be safe, easy for babies to grasp, and made of soft silicone with no sharp edges.
"I wanted to create a product that eliminated that long and sharp design of a traditional spoon, so I invented the Baby Toon."

Shark Tank Pitch and Product Details

  • They have a clever solution to prevent babies from throwing spoons on the floor by using a pacifier clip attached to the spoon.
  • Cassidy Crowley presented the Baby Toon on "Shark Tank," seeking $50,000 in exchange for a 50% stake in her company.
  • The product has gained popularity among parents due to its safety features and practicality.
  • The product is made in the USA, and Cassidy is proud to have designed it herself, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The cost of producing the Baby Toon is $6.60, and it is sold for $15 each, resulting in $5,000 in sales since September 2018.
"I wanted to create a product that eliminated that long and sharp design of a traditional spoon so I invented the baby toon."

Shark Tank Presentation and Impression

  • Cassidy confidently presents the Baby Toon to the sharks, showcasing samples and sharing the story behind her invention.
"Well, we have a solution for this - just put a pacifier clip around the Baby Toon, attach it to the baby's shirt, and no more baby spoons getting thrown on the floor."

Entrepreneurial Journey and Business Success

  • Mark Cuban is impressed by Cassidy's determination and entrepreneurial drive at such a young age.
  • Cassidy Crowley shared her journey of developing the Baby Toon, starting from a school science fair project in first grade to becoming a successful entrepreneur on Shark Tank.
  • Despite the admiration from the sharks, some of them express concerns or uncertainties about the baby product market.
  • With impressive sales figures since 2018 and a patent for the product, Cassidy demonstrated her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.
"Cassidy, I'm torn because I don't feel that you're willing to quit Elementary School and go straight to college."

Manufacturing Challenges and Patent

  • Despite admiration from the Sharks, some felt the product didn't align with their investment preferences, but one Shark offered $50,000 for a 50% stake in Cassidy's company.
  • Cassidy faces challenges related to manufacturing, specifically modifying the durometer of silicone in the product.
"I want to show other kids that they can be open to opportunities they have at school or even at home to create an event."
  • The Sharks inquire about the patent for the Baby Toon, which Cassidy confidently confirms they already have.

A Journey of Resilience and Inspiration

  • The discussion delves into the technical aspects of the product, revealing the dedication and knowledge Cassidy has in her business.
  • Cassidy's pitch impressed the Sharks, showcasing her determination and grit in developing the Baby Toon since a young age.
"Cassidy do you have a patent on it yeah we have our patents right here actually."
  • Despite facing challenges in manufacturing and design adjustments, Cassidy persevered and brought her product to Shark Tank.

Deal Offer and Celebration

  • The Sharks commended Cassidy for her entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged her to continue pursuing her dreams and inspiring other children.
  • Lori Greiner is impressed by Cassidy's entrepreneurial spirit and offers a deal of $50,000 for 50% of the company, which Cassidy joyfully accepts.
"I want to show other kids that they can be open to opportunities they have at school or even at home to create an event."
  • The deal marks a significant milestone for Cassidy, showcasing her journey from a young inventor to a successful entrepreneur with the support of a shark investor.
"I'm gonna make you an offer because I have to be along with this journey."

Amber's Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Amber's pitch revolves around her stylish and effective light therapy lamp that fills a gap in the market. She values her company at $7.5 million, with lifetime sales close to that mark.

Amber's Business Pitch

  • Last year alone, she managed to bring in $4 million in sales with a remarkable 70% profit margin, indicating a promising business model.
  • Amber identified a gap in the market for a stylish and effective light therapy lamp to replace bulky fluorescent lights.
  • Looking to expand further, Amber projects a significant increase in revenue for the coming year, aiming for sales of $5.6 million and a profit of $1.3 million despite factoring in tariffs.
  • She emphasized her company's online sales success, with lifetime sales of $7.4 million, projecting $5.6 million for the current year.
  • Amber's personal journey from Malaysia and her family's sacrifices added depth and resilience to her pitch.
"I'm a five million dollar company and I sell only online; that might be a good thing if I want to go into retail, and it's a different ball game."

Amber's Emotional Journey and Background

"I want to invest in people that see a field of wishes, and that's who I think you are."

Shark Interest and Offer Discussion

  • Amber shares her compelling personal background, highlighting her humble beginnings in Malaysia and the sacrifices her parents made to support her education in the United States.
  • All sharks expressed interest in Amber's light therapy business, with Lori keen on partnering but seeking another shark.
  • Mark agreed to join and offered $750,000 for a 20% stake, supporting the growth potential of the product.
  • Surviving a serious health scare, Amber's perspective on life shifted. After working hard and giving back, she decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her innovative business idea.
  • Robert and Kevin also matched the offer, emphasizing the value they could bring in scaling up the business.
  • Her narrative resonates deeply with the Sharks, underscoring her grit, determination, and the embodiment of the American entrepreneurial dream.
"I would like to help you and to blow all your wishes All Over America."

Final Negotiation and Decision

"You represent why we do this show... It doesn't matter where you come from; if you put your mind to it, anything is possible."
  • Lori and Mark put forward a joint offer of $750,000 for 20% equity, highlighting the synergies they bring to the table.

Shark Negotiation and Offers for Amber's Business

  • Robert and Kevin matched the same offer but deliberated on an extra $50k for Amber's parents due to their extraordinary support.
  • The Sharks, particularly Lori and Mark, express keen interest in investing in Amber's light therapy business. However, they differ on their approaches to the deal structure.
  • The decision was left to Amber, who ultimately chose Lori and Mark's offer, appreciating their combined expertise.
  • Mark and Lori align on a joint offer of $750,000 for a 20% stake, emphasizing the potential for growth and their combined expertise.
"If you have a chance and the opportunity to reach for your dreams, reach for your dreams."
  • Despite other Sharks being impressed by Amber's story, they opt out of the deal due to perceived mismatch in added value or terms.

Boost Oxygen Pitch Details

  • Boost Oxygen offers compressed oxygen in aluminum canisters for health and wellness purposes, not as a medical device.
  • The company aims to reach a broad audience seeking to improve their quality of life and performance by providing readily available oxygen.
  • They seek a one million dollar investment for a five percent equity stake and boost stocks.

Boost Oxygen Presentation

  • Boost Oxygen offers compressed oxygen canisters for health and wellness, aiming to improve users' quality of life and performance.
"Sometimes you want more... to reach millions of people who want to improve their quality of life and their performance."

Market Share and Business Strategy

  • The company seeks a $1 million investment for a 5% equity stake.
  • Boost Oxygen emphasizes creating a new market space rather than directly competing with existing oxygen canister brands.
  • Boost Oxygen targets users who need extra oxygen during strenuous activities like exercising or high-altitude sports.
  • They explain their product's cost, market share, and potential for expansion into retail.
  • They claim to hold roughly 95% market share in the United States.
"Our mission at Boost Oxygen is to make compressed oxygen available as bottled water."
"We're trying to create a new space... because there is no oxygen... very nice to hear."

Shark Tank Reactions and Offers

  • Despite impressive market share and sales, the Sharks express hesitation towards investing in Boost Oxygen.

Investor Offer Negotiation

  • Barbara and Mark pass on the opportunity, citing concerns about educating customers and the reliance on impulse purchases.
  • Mark Cuban presents a loan offer of one million dollars at nine percent interest for a three-year term in exchange for seven and a half percent equity.
  • Kevin offers a $1 million three-year loan at 9% interest and 7.5% equity, which Robert counters with a 6% equity share.
  • The negotiation evolves to a six percent equity offer while maintaining the seven and a half percent interest rate, ultimately settling at a six percent equity deal after maneuvering.
"So the deal now is... we meet in the middle... let's go."
  • Negotiations ensue, and a deal is eventually struck for a $1 million investment for a 6% equity stake and 6% interest.
"I don't see it. For those reasons, I'm out."

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