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Shark Tank US | Mr. Wonderful Is Impressed By Wondry Cocktail Wines Products

2 months ago

Wondry Cocktail Wines Pitch

  • Wondry Cocktail Wines, presented by Whitney and Chaz Gates, is seeking $185,000 for an 8% stake in their business, emphasizing the convenience of ready-to-drink options without artificial ingredients or flavors.

Presenting Wondry Cocktail Wines Products

  • Wondry offers an award-winning collection of wines infused with organic fruit extracts and crafted with a high alcohol content of 13.9%.
  • Whitney and Chaz Gates introduce Wondry, their unique wine brand, seeking $185,000 for an 8% stake in their business.
  • Wondry offers handcrafted cocktail wines with organic fruit extracts, 13.9% alcohol by volume, and a premium taste.
  • Their wines blend the qualities of premium wine and craft cocktails, focusing on fruit-forward, balanced, and delicious flavors created through a proprietary fermentation and infusion process.
  • The brand aims to bridge the gap between premium wine and craft cocktails while appealing to a diverse consumer base.
  • Wondry emphasizes inclusivity and innovation within the traditional wine industry.
  • The company prides itself on inclusivity and disrupting the traditional wine industry by catering to a diverse range of consumers, including those with non-traditional tastes.
  • The Gates' background stories and dedication to the business highlight their passion for disrupting the market.
"We're on shtest with Wondry wines, introducing an international award-winning collection of wines that blur the lines between premium wine and craft cocktail."
"Introducing Wondry, an international award-winning collection of wines infused with organic fruit extracts and crafted with a kick of 13.9% alcohol by volume."

Mr. Wonderful impressed by the entrepreneurs' success

  • The entrepreneurs express gratitude for the opportunity given to them.

Gotal's Gratitude and Excitement

  • Gotal expresses sincere gratitude for the opportunity and excitement for their dream coming true.
  • Mr. Wonderful shows genuine excitement for the local entrepreneurs and their amazing product.
  • The entrepreneurs are thrilled as they thank the Sharks for the opportunity.
  • The cheers and congratulations show a positive atmosphere in the negotiation.
  • The entrepreneurs are thrilled and overwhelmed by the successful deal.
Gotal thank you so much. You just made our dream. No, I'm excited because you guys are local, you guys are amazing. This is going to be great.

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