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Vladimir Putin Ready to 'Freeze' War in Ukraine with Ceasefire Recognizing Recent Russian Gains, Sources Say

a month ago

Vladimir Putin Ready to 'Freeze' War in Ukraine with Ceasefire Recognizing Recent Russian Gains, Sources Say

Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to halt the war in Ukraine through a ceasefire that acknowledges the current battlefield lines, according to multiple Russian sources.

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The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been a cause for concern globally, with countless lives lost and significant destruction endured by both sides. However, recent reports suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now ready to freeze the war with a ceasefire that recognizes the current territorial gains made by Russia. This potential development has stirred discussions about the future of the conflict and the possibility of a peaceful resolution.

Section 1: Putin's Frustration with Western-Backed Hindrance According to three Russian sources, President Putin has expressed frustration over what he perceives as Western-backed attempts to hinder ceasefire negotiations. This frustration has fueled his determination to freeze the war along the current battlefield lines. By doing so, Russia would maintain control over substantial portions of four Ukrainian regions without full authority over any specific area. Section 2: Non-Negotiable Battlefield Lines Insiders with knowledge of top-level conversations in the Kremlin have revealed that freezing the conflict along the current lines is non-negotiable for Putin. This approach would enable Russia to consolidate its gains while avoiding the need for another nationwide mobilization, which could potentially impact Putin's popularity. The Russian leader believes that recent gains in the war are sufficient to sell a victory narrative to the Russian people.

"Putin can fight for as long as it takes, but Putin is also ready for a ceasefire

to freeze the war," a senior Russian source who has reportedly worked with Mr. Putin and has knowledge of top-level conversations in the Kremlin, told Reuters.
Section 3: Ukrainian President's Rejection and International Proposals Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of a ceasefire, considering any pause in fighting as playing into Russia's hands. He even signed a decree in 2022 declaring talks with Putin "impossible." Additionally, both Putin and Zelenskyy rejected French President Emmanuel Macron's proposal for a temporary ceasefire during the Olympic Games. Section 4: Russia's Recent Gains and Putin's Strategic Calculations Russian forces have intensified their bombardment in the southern region of Kharkiv, claiming control over numerous villages and cities. However, Ukrainian officials contest these claims, stating that they still maintain control over the majority of the territory. Putin believes that these recent gains are significant enough to portray them as a victory to the Russian people, potentially paving the way for a ceasefire.

While the possibility of a ceasefire in Ukraine may bring hope for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, skepticism remains. The West, including the United States, questions Russia's true intentions and commitment to genuine ceasefire negotiations. The situation is complex, with both sides holding firm positions. Only time will tell if the reported willingness of Putin to freeze the war along the current lines will lead to a lasting peace in Ukraine.

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