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How Consultants can save the invoice fee on Stripe by ditching the Stripe post-payment invoicing fee

a month ago

Consultants can save on invoice fees and reduce invoicing customer support by eliminating the Stripe post-payment invoicing fee. Stripe offers a feature called "Payment Links" that can help achieve this.

Payment Links allow consultants to create and send customizable payment requests directly to their clients. By using Payment Links, consultants can avoid the post-payment invoicing fee charged by Stripe, which can be significant over time.

Here's an example of how consultants can use Payment Links:

1.Create a Payment Link in the Stripe Dashboard or using the Stripe API.

2.Customize the Payment Link with relevant details such as the invoice amount, description, and due date.

3.Send the Payment Link to the client via email, messaging apps, or any other communication channel.

4.The client receives the Payment Link and can make the payment instantly by clicking on it.

5.Once the payment is made, the consultant receives a notification and can view the payment details in the Stripe Dashboard.

By using Payment Links, consultants can streamline the invoicing process and reduce the need for extensive customer support related to invoicing. This method eliminates the need for manual invoice generation, tracking, and reconciliation, saving time and effort.


By adopting this approach, consultants can save on invoice fees, simplify their invoicing process, and provide a seamless payment experience for their clients.

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