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Best songs of Atlantic Starr

17 days ago

Always: Released in 1987, "Always" is one of Atlantic Starr's most iconic hits. Its heartfelt lyrics and smooth R&B sound make it a timeless love ballad. You can listen to "Always" here.

Secret Lovers: This song, released in 1985, became a major success for Atlantic Starr. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics about a hidden love affair struck a chord with listeners. Listen to "Secret Lovers" here.

Masterpiece: Known for its smooth grooves and romantic lyrics, "Masterpiece" showcases Atlantic Starr's signature sound. This track, released in 1992, is a testament to the group's talent and musicality. Give "Masterpiece" a listen here.

Touch a Four Leaf Clover: Released in 1983, this upbeat track showcases Atlantic Starr's versatility. With its infectious rhythm and memorable chorus, "Touch a Four Leaf Clover" is a feel-good song that will have you dancing along. Listen to it here.

When Love Calls: This soulful ballad, released in 1980, is a testament to Atlantic Starr's early success. With its heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals, "When Love Calls" remains a fan favorite. You can enjoy this song here.

These are just a few examples of the best songs by Atlantic Starr. Each song showcases the group's talent, distinctive sound, and ability to create memorable melodies. If you're looking for more great songs from Atlantic Starr, I recommend exploring their discography further.

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