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What happened between Mayweather and Gervonta "Tank" Davis?

a year ago
There have been no major publicized conflicts between Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta "Tank" Davis. In fact, Mayweather has been a mentor and promoter for Davis throughout his career. Mayweather has been instrumental in Davis' rise to fame, signing him to his promotional company, Mayweather Promotions, in 2015. Since then, Mayweather has been a constant presence in Davis' corner, both inside and outside the ring. Mayweather has also been vocal in his support for Davis, often referring to him as the future of boxing. Davis has also expressed his gratitude for Mayweather's support and guidance, stating in an interview with ESPN, "He's been there for me since day one. He's been like a father figure to me." In 2020, Mayweather even accompanied Davis to the ring for his fight against Leo Santa Cruz, where Davis won the WBA lightweight title. Overall, it seems that Mayweather and Davis have a strong professional and personal relationship, and there have been no notable conflicts between the two.

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