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Translate to english: Sorry Ir. Bref : Nous sommes la société M-services SARL, spécialisée dans la construction générale, les services prestations et la vente materiels de chantier. Produiser moi un prospectice ?

6 months ago

Translation: Sorry Ir. Bref: We are the company M-services SARL, specialized in general construction, service provision, and sale of construction materials.

To provide you with a detailed answer, let's break down the key points:

  1. General Construction: This refers to the overall construction work, including building structures, renovation, and other related activities. For example, constructing residential houses, commercial buildings, or infrastructure projects like roads and bridges.
  2. Service Provision: In addition to construction, M-services SARL offers various services related to the industry. These services can include project management, consulting, maintenance, and repair work. For instance, providing project planning and supervision, offering expertise in construction techniques, or conducting routine maintenance for buildings.
  3. Sale of Construction Materials: M-services SARL also specializes in the sale of construction materials. This involves supplying a wide range of materials required for construction projects, such as cement, steel, bricks, electrical equipment, plumbing fixtures, and more. They may offer these materials directly to contractors, builders, or other customers involved in construction activities.

By combining their expertise in general construction, service provision, and the sale of construction materials, M-services SARL aims to offer comprehensive solutions for construction projects.

For more information or to contact M-services SARL, you can visit their official website at

I hope this explanation helps! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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