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Revolutionizing Solar: How Raptor Maps is Transforming the Industry Landscape | Boston, MA

4 months ago

Raptor Maps, based in Boston, MA, is a company that is revolutionizing the solar industry landscape. They have developed innovative technology and solutions that are transforming the way solar farms are managed and maintained.

One of the key areas where Raptor Maps is making a significant impact is in the field of aerial thermography. They have developed advanced drone-based thermal imaging systems that can quickly and accurately detect issues in solar panels, such as hotspots or defects. This technology allows solar farm operators to identify and address problems before they cause significant energy loss or system failures.

For example, Raptor Maps has partnered with a leading solar farm operator in California to conduct aerial inspections using their thermal imaging drones. By analyzing the captured data, they were able to identify multiple hotspots in the solar panels that were not visible to the naked eye. These hotspots were promptly repaired, resulting in increased energy production and improved overall system performance.

In addition to aerial thermography, Raptor Maps also offers advanced analytics and reporting tools. Their software can process large amounts of data collected from solar farms and provide actionable insights to optimize performance and reduce operational costs. For instance, their analytics platform can analyze historical data to identify patterns and trends, helping solar farm operators make informed decisions about maintenance schedules, panel cleaning, or system upgrades.


  1. Raptor Maps Official Website
  2. GreenTech Media - Drone Solar Inspections Are Getting a Big Boost from Thermal Imaging

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