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Building Bridges: The Power of High School Alumni Organizations, An Alum Story - PB Class of 1995.

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Discover the incredible impact of high school alumni organizations in creating a lasting sense of community, pride, and support among former students. Let me share my personal experience as an alumna of Precious Blood High School in Riruta, graduating in 1995.

The bonds formed during those transformative high school years have stood the test of time. My classmates have become my closest friends, and we've remained connected across oceans and throughout the seasons of our lives. Now in our mid-40s, we've journeyed together through life's milestones, from graduating college (some of us even attending the same institution) to starting and progressing in our careers, getting married and starting families.

"1995 - with some of my classmates and some juniors at a most coveted school outing to Marist Brothers."

Through thick and thin, we've stood by each other's sides. We've celebrated as best maids and bridesmaids at weddings, supported one another through pregnancies, and provided comfort during times of sickness and loss. Unfortunately, we've also experienced the heartache of losing some classmates, both through long battles with illness and sudden tragedies. Yet, our bond has only grown stronger and more mature, leaving behind any petty disputes of our youth and embracing a collaborative and supportive approach.

"Our classmate Mwendi's wedding some many years ago, Wanjiku and Late Munoru (gained her angel wings in May 2023) are 2 of the bridesmaids."

The diversity of our class is astounding. We have alumni excelling in various fields, including medicine, law, business, entrepreneurship, media, the arts to name but a few. Our class WhatsApp group has become a treasure trove of resources, where you can find answers to almost any question. We freely share our expertise not only with our classmates but also with their networks whenever needed. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, our medical professionals provided invaluable guidance to classmates with sick family members, demonstrating the power of our collective knowledge and care.

"Our dear classmate Kanini who gained her angel wings in April 2017"

Living in the United States while my parents relocated to Kenya in 2019, I entrusted my parents' well-being to my high school classmates. They have gone above and beyond, checking in on my parents, ensuring their smooth transition, and even spending quality time with them. Thanks to their love and support, my parents often feel as though I am right there with them. I have also visited with classmates and parents who are based in the US. Our bonds know no boundaries.

"My classmates Gee and Wanjiru and friend Stella visiting my parents in Kiambu, June 2022."

"With classmate Eunice and her mom in North Carolina, January 2023"

Moreover, our class has rallied around the families of our departed classmates, offering solace and comfort to parents, siblings, spouses, and children. The four years we spent together in high school created a bond that is as strong as family. Friends truly are the family we choose for ourselves, and that's precisely what my high school friends have become—the family I chose when we were placed together in a boarding school at the tender age of 14 in 1992. The rest, as they say, is history.

"December 2010, celebrating a birthday with my classmates, seated Left to Right, Late Angela (gained her angel wings in June 2022), Kabbz, Late Joan (gained her angel wings in May 2022), Mutindi. Standing Left to Right Laura, Shiru (me), Maggie."

"My classmates at our classmate Angela's send off, June 2022"

High school alumni organizations are more than just social clubs; they are a testament to the enduring power of human connections. They bridge the gaps of time and distance, bringing former classmates together as a supportive network that can weather any storm. So, if you have the opportunity to join or support your high school alumni organization, seize it. You never know the incredible bonds and lifelong friendships that await you.

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