Zymol Complete Creame Wax Kit


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This kit contains everything you need to give your car its ultimate shine all carefully contained in a sturdy plastic zymol carrying case. Ideal for the ??concours?? enthusiast. Each kit comes with complete application instructions. A Complete Kit contains: Creame Wax (226g) Detail Wax (56g) Clear Autobathe (250ml) HD-Cleanse (250ml) Treat (Leather) Conditioner ( 250ml) ** Vinyl Conditioner (250ml) ** Wheel Cleaner (650ml) Wheel Coat (237ml) Detail Brush (Horse Hair) x 1 Wheel Brush (Horse Hair) x 1 Wax Applicator x 2 Pre Wax Applicator x 2 100% Cotton Towel x 1 Microwipe x 1 ** Vinyl for dashboard & interior vinyl/plastics and treat for leather interior.