Supreme Garage Floor Tile Edges, 8-pack

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Finish off the look of your garage floor by adding the Supreme Garage Edging. Available in both Dark Gray and Black, the edges will provide the transition you want for the garage. Colors match both Diamond Plate and Coin tiles colors. Each pack contains 8 Edge Pieces. Supreme Garage Floor edges are made from carcinogen free virgin PVC, and resistant to most chemicals. It offers a long lasting guarantee for your professional flooring. The tough and flexible edges help finish the “instant” self-laying floor surface, for use in a wide variety of residential and industrial applications. Features: Solid PVC edges Highly durable edges can withstand the toughest conditions Resistant to oil and most other chemicals Mold and mildew resistant Very easy to install, clean and maintain Can be used immediately Colors can be combined to make unique patterns Edging is available in both Black and Dark Gray Made in the USA Specifications: Packs of 8 Edge pieces (2.5” x 20.5" ea) Each pack of 8 Edges will line 13.68 linear foot

Condition: New

Ships From: Brockton, Massachusetts, United States

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