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Features: Easy Installation with Industrial Strength Elastic Straps Fits Most Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Minivans Durable Polyester with Water-Resistant PVC Backing Protective Wiper Blade Cover Set of Matching Side-Mirror Covers No more scraping, cold hands, or having to warm up your car to defrost your windshield! A premium protective wintertime windshield cover, FrostBlocker® protects the essential viewing area of your car from accumulation of ice, frost, or snow. Constructed of premium, durable polyester and featuring a water-resistant, PVC backing, the FrostBlocker fits most cars, truck, minivans, station wagons, and SUVs. Its innovative adjustable Fit-Fast® attachment system utilizes the side-view mirrors to provide a snug connection and optimum fit for vehicles of varying size. A durable strap can be shut into the door for added security. Features Coverage - Protects the windshield wipers Easy to Use - Installs and removes in seconds Convenient - Quick-dry pouch for easy storage Includes 2 FrostBlocker® Windshield Covers 2 Sets of FrostBlocker® Mirror Covers 2 Storage Pouches

Condition: New

Ships From: Brockton, Massachusetts, United States

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